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How schools can use video and live streaming productions to teach technology

18 Oct

In 2009, a private boarding school, Montverde Academy created http://www.Montverde.TV, a Live Streaming Internet TV Channel used to promote their student activities and to open up communication with parents that were living in other states and countries. Starting in 2011, Montverde took their video technology to another level by offering classes that taught them video and live streaming productions to their students.

What is particularly impressive to me aside from the talented athletes featured on their public internet tv channel is the student reporters and production team that often put together interviews with fans, players and coaches during halftime and commentate during the games.

Video and live streaming production as a learning tool for high school and college students is an excellent idea:

-production engages students with hands on experience behind the camera, in front of the camera, working with the technology and behind the scenes writing/editing/producing
-internet tv channels are easy to use and a great way to get students excited about technology
-internet tv shows are a fraction of the cost of a television show and does not restrict students on the number of shows they can produce
-internet tv channels and video on demand are in real time so unlike yearbooks your students and parents don’t have to wait to see their favorite moments

Hats off to Montverde Academy and http://www.Montverde.TV for all of their efforts to get this in their school’s curiculum. You are ahead of the curve in so many ways.

Contact me today if you would like to learn more about implementing a video and live streaming in your school.

Written by: Erika Rossi-Raia

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