Heat mapping helps improve customer service experience online

21 Dec
heat mapTalk about easy! In less than 10 minutes, a developer can embed the html code used for heat mapping onto your website and begin the heat mapping analytics process. Within weeks you will have a clear picture of exactly how your customers are using your website, detect flaws in your business flow and identify any wasted space, or as I call it “virtual real estate”.

Here are 5 reasons why heat mapping helps online retailers:

  1. Easy to install and even easier to understand. Heat mapping reports are some of the easiest to read because they are literally a map of your web page with a spectrum of colors red, orange and blue representing the hot, warm and cool areas on your site requiring your attention.
  2. Detect Flaws. Heat mapping shows you what areas your visitors are visiting most and what design or development flaws may be affecting your customer’s experience on your site…

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Written by: Erika Rossi-Raia, Originally posted on SHIFT Digital Media on 12/20/2o12


4 key elements to every successful website

10 Dec

Teamwork in the officeThere are four key elements to every successful website:  creative design, innovative technology, branded content and an online marketing action plan:

1. Creative Design. People are visual by nature so we know that creative design elements affect the way visitors identify with a particular brand and create an emotional connection to it. A professional designer can help you select colors, font styles, design layouts and images to make the biggest impact for your business.

2. Innovative Technology. Technology is the engine that powers your brand. It is what makes customers want to buy from you. Good technology simplifies or improves customer’s lives in some way, whether it is the ease of shopping online, managing an account from their smart phone, being entertained on a plane trip or accessing important information on the go. Typically, the better, more advanced technology means it is simpler to use and results in higher customer satisfaction.


As always, good luck creating your new website. It should be one of the most exciting and creative processes you go through as a business professional.

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Erika Rossi-Raia

Grow your business by creating a personal connection with your readers

5 Dec

As featured on SHIFT Digital Media, November 29, 2012:

iStock_000017603082Small-300x199The most efficient and cost effective way to connect directly with your customers and grow your business is with social media marketing. With just a click of a button, you can share your products and services to millions of existing and prospective customers in an instant.

Personal connections have never been more important in business as they are today and that is in large part to the dynamics that make up social media.

Here are 3 ways to create a personal connection with your customers:

1.  Use words like “you” “we” and “us” to engage customers and make them feel like they are a part of something special. For example, try softening your content like this, “We are proud to share this exclusive new offer with you: Receive 20% off the next time you shop online.” instead of a non-personal “Visit the XYZ Store online this week for 20% off.” And, post these personal messages on your Facebook and Twitter pages for your fans to enjoy.

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Would you like help executing and managing your social media? Our team can help you build your social media marketing presence from conception to implementation and management. Contact SHIFTdigitalmedia.com for more information.

Written by: Erika Rossi-Raia, SHIFT Digital Media


Live Chat with your readers

18 Oct

Do you have a chat room on your website or internet tv channel? If not, you should consider the benefits of communicating in real time with a chat room on your website. When used properly, it is a great way for ministries and businesses to speak to clients, members or fans instantly. It is one of the fastest ways to engage your audience and create a buzz about your business or event.

What are chat rooms?

Chat rooms are an online tool where users can sign up and join a room with others in their community to discuss a multitude of topics. Imagine a party online where an unlimited amount of people can participate. Most chat rooms tell you how many people are participating and what the comments are for each user. Participants can read and write comments and/or visit other rooms to discuss other topics. They can also watch live streaming events, recorded video, read text and so much more which keeps people on your site and makes their online experience positive.

How does it work?

There are several free or inexpensive chat room providers out there that have embeddable iframes that can be added to any website or internet tv channel. My personal favorites are Meebo or Chatroll but there are dozens of others out there.

Why chat live?

  • Host live interviews
  • Showcase product launches or webinars
  • Accept comments or questions during live events
  • Communicate with your audience
  • Set up private chats to speak with individuals directly
  • Get instant feedback
  • Create a buzz online

Do you have something exciting to share with others? Do you have an audience that wants to hear from you? A chat room may be the right fit for you and your company. If you would like to learn more about chat rooms or other interactive technology tools, contact me, a pioneer in digital media and web technology.

Written by:
Erika Rossi-Raia

The importance of blogging

18 Oct

I read a great article on Tech Crunch titled, “Why startups need to blog and what to talk about” that brought up some good points on why blogging is important to a company. Blogging is an excellent way to communicate with customers, make yourself accessible for new customers, influence others in your industry and educate others within your community on your expertise.

Blogging can be intimidating even for people who like to write. Sometimes I think people over think their blog and never publish because their article never seems to meet their high standards. The truth is if you speak from your heart and share your knowledge consistently with your community, people will follow. So, where should you begin?

Step 1
Sign up for a blog service–Wordpress, Squarespace or Tumblr are all very good. I prefer WordPress.

Step 2
Secure a domain name–yourcompanyblog.com or something similar. .

Step 3
Start writing down topics you would like to discuss. I keep an excel spreadsheet of all topics I would like to cover in my blog.

Step 4
Pick a topic for your first blog and spend 30 – 45 minutes writing.

Step 5
Add a picture or video for your blog if you would like to add some interest to the page.

Step 6
Spend 15 minutes editing your blog.

Step 7
Publish your blog.

Step 8
Post the link to your blog on your social networks–Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Diggit and others. Ask friends or colleagues to post links and/or retweet your posts.

Step 9
Follow up and/or reply to any comments you receive so you can keep the conversation going.

Step 10
Be disciplined and schedule time each week to blog. The more you blog the better just make sure the topics are things that your community wants to learn about or discuss.

Blogging can be fun especially if you are writing about topics you enjoy talking about. People will feel your passion and appreciate the knowledge you share with them. Remember, no blog is perfect and it is the human experience that people really are seeking. The important thing is that you be real, make yourself available to your community and stay consistent. Don’t write every day one week and then only one time the next. Think you are ready? What are you waiting for? Get to blogging!

Need help blogging? Contact me for help on developing and managing your company’s blog.

Written by: Erika Rossi-Raia

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