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4 key elements to every successful website

10 Dec

Teamwork in the officeThere are four key elements to every successful website:  creative design, innovative technology, branded content and an online marketing action plan:

1. Creative Design. People are visual by nature so we know that creative design elements affect the way visitors identify with a particular brand and create an emotional connection to it. A professional designer can help you select colors, font styles, design layouts and images to make the biggest impact for your business.

2. Innovative Technology. Technology is the engine that powers your brand. It is what makes customers want to buy from you. Good technology simplifies or improves customer’s lives in some way, whether it is the ease of shopping online, managing an account from their smart phone, being entertained on a plane trip or accessing important information on the go. Typically, the better, more advanced technology means it is simpler to use and results in higher customer satisfaction.


As always, good luck creating your new website. It should be one of the most exciting and creative processes you go through as a business professional.

Thank you for following,

Erika Rossi-Raia

Starting new Web or Mobile Projects

9 Oct

Starting a new web or mobile project is exciting, it is your time to be creative and explore all the different design and development options out there. Take your time to fine tune your wish list.

The first thing I like to do with clients when we meet is to invite them to relax, put down their pens and paper (or ipads/tablets) and just talk from the heart about their reasons for starting the business. You can learn a lot about your clients and their goals for the new site and determine the overall purpose and feel for the end product.

Second, I like to visit competitor’s sites with my clients and make a list of what we believe they do well and what could be improved. This also allows you to learn about the current market for this particular industry and brainstorm ideas on how new technology and new ideas can help you improve the business concept.

Lastly, I like to create a timeline for my clients that tell them exactly when we will be addressing each of the main components of the site (functionality, content, design, test/prelaunch, launch and others depending on project). Each week we tackle the next component, assign tasks and setup perimeters/guidelines for the next session.

All communication is shared via a project management system (ie basecamp) so that we can reference notes when we start development. Understanding the process and continually managing your list of requirements is important especially when it comes to technology and all the factors that go into its success.

Staying organized and keeping the lines of communication open throughout the planning and development process are the keys to any project. It is critical that you brainstorm and look at all of your options and finalize your list of requirements before development begins. Your developers will be happy to receive your information in an organized, well-thought out plan and you will save time and costly mistakes down the road.
Take your time and enjoy this exciting time!
Written by: Erika Rossi-Raia

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