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Heat mapping helps improve customer service experience online

21 Dec
heat mapTalk about easy! In less than 10 minutes, a developer can embed the html code used for heat mapping onto your website and begin the heat mapping analytics process. Within weeks you will have a clear picture of exactly how your customers are using your website, detect flaws in your business flow and identify any wasted space, or as I call it “virtual real estate”.

Here are 5 reasons why heat mapping helps online retailers:

  1. Easy to install and even easier to understand. Heat mapping reports are some of the easiest to read because they are literally a map of your web page with a spectrum of colors red, orange and blue representing the hot, warm and cool areas on your site requiring your attention.
  2. Detect Flaws. Heat mapping shows you what areas your visitors are visiting most and what design or development flaws may be affecting your customer’s experience on your site…

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Written by: Erika Rossi-Raia, Originally posted on SHIFT Digital Media on 12/20/2o12

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