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Communication in Social Media Marketing

19 Mar
Inbound marketing isn't going anywhere, give customers what they want

Inbound marketing isn’t going anywhere, give customers what they want

I read several articles this morning about the future of social media marketing and all of them had some really great points that I wanted to share with you.

The one thing that really struck a chord for me was the idea that marketers have a responsibility to give customers what they are looking for and stop trying to force them to look at or buy something they don’t want. The old techniques used by some to blast as much content out into the world as possible

What is working in social media and what will continue to gain speed in the new age? It is all in the message you are sending.

  • Personalize your marketing message to the audience you are speaking to because just as quickly as people became your fans, they can just as quickly stop following you.  
  • Attract new customers by providing engaging, less-invasive content that they are looking for and make them feel connected to something special.
  • Give them something to remember with branded content that is consistent across all platforms build loyalty and brand recognition.
  • Help them find what they are looking for.  Consider automated marketing programs and targeted advertisements and emails to help you organize and streamline your sales and marketing communication.

It sounds pretty simple, right? Well, if you think about the number of times we are inundated with commercials and advertisements for products and services we have no need for or interest in, then you would know that this type of advertisement is changing in the social media sphere.  Don’t over think your strategy, just give your customers what you would expect–simple, clear communication that makes your experience online enjoyable.

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