The importance of blogging

18 Oct

I read a great article on Tech Crunch titled, “Why startups need to blog and what to talk about” that brought up some good points on why blogging is important to a company. Blogging is an excellent way to communicate with customers, make yourself accessible for new customers, influence others in your industry and educate others within your community on your expertise.

Blogging can be intimidating even for people who like to write. Sometimes I think people over think their blog and never publish because their article never seems to meet their high standards. The truth is if you speak from your heart and share your knowledge consistently with your community, people will follow. So, where should you begin?

Step 1
Sign up for a blog service–Wordpress, Squarespace or Tumblr are all very good. I prefer WordPress.

Step 2
Secure a domain name– or something similar. .

Step 3
Start writing down topics you would like to discuss. I keep an excel spreadsheet of all topics I would like to cover in my blog.

Step 4
Pick a topic for your first blog and spend 30 – 45 minutes writing.

Step 5
Add a picture or video for your blog if you would like to add some interest to the page.

Step 6
Spend 15 minutes editing your blog.

Step 7
Publish your blog.

Step 8
Post the link to your blog on your social networks–Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Diggit and others. Ask friends or colleagues to post links and/or retweet your posts.

Step 9
Follow up and/or reply to any comments you receive so you can keep the conversation going.

Step 10
Be disciplined and schedule time each week to blog. The more you blog the better just make sure the topics are things that your community wants to learn about or discuss.

Blogging can be fun especially if you are writing about topics you enjoy talking about. People will feel your passion and appreciate the knowledge you share with them. Remember, no blog is perfect and it is the human experience that people really are seeking. The important thing is that you be real, make yourself available to your community and stay consistent. Don’t write every day one week and then only one time the next. Think you are ready? What are you waiting for? Get to blogging!

Need help blogging? Contact me for help on developing and managing your company’s blog.

Written by: Erika Rossi-Raia

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