3 Attributes Great Digital Marketing Clients have in Common

28 May

Great Clients Like anything in life, if it is worth having, it takes time and that includes building an online brand in an ever-changing web world.  Great clients make it look easy but the truth is nothing in development is easy, because every project is unique.

What makes someone a great client? After working with clients over the last 15 + years in a variety of industries, I would easily say that every great client has these 3 attributes in common:

1. They understand the virtue of patience. No brand was built in a day, websites take weeks and sometimes even months to complete. The first step to building an online brand is to understand the company’s goals, their competitors and current business flow. Once your consultant fully understands the scope of the project, they then translate it to developers, designers and writers.  Rushing design or development elements only produces sloppy work so plan accordingly and trust your team to set the project goals.

2. They appreciate the value of working with a professional and just like they are experts in their field they hire professionals that can make their ideas come to life online. There is a lot to know about digital marketing and the rules are always shifting, work with professionals you can trust to guide you towards the best marketing and technology tools to build your business. And, keep the relationship beyond launch so that they can continue to bring new ideas to you and keep your business on the cutting edge of technology.

3. They know what they want but are open-minded to adapting their ideas or project timeline to fit the development process, budget, timelines, specifications, etc…. Depending on the size of the project, turning your ideas into an online business may require 3 – 10 people working on it. It is important you balance your expectations with what is possible. Let’s face it–anything is possible with technology but often times the budget or time constraints dictate what can be done now and what can be added later. Sometimes it is more important to be first to launch with a quality product that meets your needs rather than last to launch with the product that has all your wants.

Web design, development and content creation should be fun. Take the time to enjoy the  process and really get what you need out of your marketing team. You may find that what you thought you wanted wasn’t what you needed at all. Pick marketing and technology partners you can trust and that don’t tell you what you want to hear, but rather what you need to hear.

Have fun! If you are in the middle of a development project, please share your story with me.

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Sports and Business Leadership Lessons

1 Apr
Teamwork in Sports and in Business are key to success!

Teamwork in Sports and in Business are key to success!

“Great leaders are responsive and adaptable – they know that in order to succeed, they’ll have to ready their organizations for anything and everything.”  -Dave Kerpen in 9 Timeless Leadership Lessons from Baseball

With 10+ years in professional sports, Dave Kerpen’s post really hit a home run with me!  Leadership, perseverance, patience and team work are the keys to success in sports and in life. I learned that again and again over the years when I worked at the Orlando Magic and then later as I managed professional athletes in my first business.

People would often ask me how I knew if an athlete would make it to the next level and it was always hard for me to explain the “it” factor that determined it for me. One day I was watching one of my young clients, Darius sitting on the bench, waiting for his chance to play that night. It was one of his first NBA games and he was nervous. He knew he only had one chance to show his coach what he could do. He had prepared his entire life for this moment. As I watched, I could feel his tension and excitement. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

And, as he waited patiently on that bench cheering on his teammates, watching the scoreboard and the court, he was mentally preparing himself to jump in as soon as his coach gave the ok. Finally in the 3rd quarter, coach gave him a chance and he was ready, he played hard and he played smart. It may seem simple to you but look at the bench the next time you are at a game and see what those players are doing. Are they goofing around? Are they encouraging their teammates on the court or field? Are they watching the scoreboard? Do they know what is going on in the game? Are their laces tied? Their equipment ready? Or, are they sulking at the time they are missing on the court?

Darius was a young player (maybe even an underdog in the professional league) and in that one glimpse of him sitting on the bench I knew he would emerge a leader on the court and in life. Today, he is still someone who inspires me.

Are you the leader your team needs to win? Are you the leader your clients need you to be to reach their goals? What do you think makes a leader?

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Communication in Social Media Marketing

19 Mar
Inbound marketing isn't going anywhere, give customers what they want

Inbound marketing isn’t going anywhere, give customers what they want

I read several articles this morning about the future of social media marketing and all of them had some really great points that I wanted to share with you.

The one thing that really struck a chord for me was the idea that marketers have a responsibility to give customers what they are looking for and stop trying to force them to look at or buy something they don’t want. The old techniques used by some to blast as much content out into the world as possible

What is working in social media and what will continue to gain speed in the new age? It is all in the message you are sending.

  • Personalize your marketing message to the audience you are speaking to because just as quickly as people became your fans, they can just as quickly stop following you.  
  • Attract new customers by providing engaging, less-invasive content that they are looking for and make them feel connected to something special.
  • Give them something to remember with branded content that is consistent across all platforms build loyalty and brand recognition.
  • Help them find what they are looking for.  Consider automated marketing programs and targeted advertisements and emails to help you organize and streamline your sales and marketing communication.

It sounds pretty simple, right? Well, if you think about the number of times we are inundated with commercials and advertisements for products and services we have no need for or interest in, then you would know that this type of advertisement is changing in the social media sphere.  Don’t over think your strategy, just give your customers what you would expect–simple, clear communication that makes your experience online enjoyable.

Do you want help with your social media marketing? Send me a note at erika@shiftdigitalmedia.com.

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5 Simple Social Media Resolutions for 2013

11 Feb

iStock_000017395574XSmallThe new year is finally underway and you have probably started working on your New Year’s Resolutions by now. For me, that is getting up one hour earlier to fit in a workout each day, turning my computer off by 8:00 pm each night and a number of action items that I feel will contribute towards making 2013 a more fulfilling year for me personally and professionally. I am 16 days in and I feel good.

What do you want to achieve this year? What are your personal goals? Have you thought about your professional resolutions? Can any of these goals be achieved by effectively executing a social media strategy?

Here are 5 social media resolutions you should consider to achieve your professional and personal goals this year:

1.) Trim the fat. Only manage the social networks that you can handle on a regular basis. If you presently have 10 social media accounts and are only actively using 3 of them, you need to hire someone to help you implement and manage your social media strategy or trim the fat by selecting the top social media network performers to focus on. Social media is the little black dress in your closet, simple is better.

2.) Talk with your fans not to your fans. The goal is to not just Tweet or Facebook or LinkedIn more but to engage your users more. If you are only posting in social media networks a few times per week and have zero engagement, you are not going to produce the results you want. Consider spending a minimum of an hour a day getting to know your followers, commenting on other people’s posts, retweeting interesting tweets, following new Facebook and Pinterest fans and even answering questions in forums within your industry. Think quality not quantity.


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